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Document Revision 04.06.2022

This Privacy Policy govern the relationship between you and us for your access to our Website, Application, Services and for your Vault Wallet account (your account) and it’s related service including important things which you will need to know and agree to before registering an account with Vault Wallet.

This Privacy Policy, along with our Privacy Policy Terms of Service and any other policies and procedures that can be found across our Website and/or Applications, that apply to our services, form a legal agreement (the agreement) between;

“Us”, “Our”, “We”, Vault Wallet (established to provide Customers with a CryptoCurrency Wallet across various Cryptocurrency tokens and networks registered at Https://

You, the account holder;

This agreement is indefinite in meaning that it shall be valid until we or you end it. It’s important that you understand how your account works prior to signing up for an Account with Vault Wallet, you shall not be permitted access or to register for an account with Vault Wallet without fully reading, understand, and agreeing to all of the policies and procedures outlined within this document and across the Vault Wallet website which all apply to you indefinitely. You may ask for a copy of thisPrivacy Policy at anytime in which you will also be able to find a copy through your Vault Wallet application at anytime. If you require further information, you can visit out FAQs which it’s important to note that our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) do not form as part of our agreement with you. By entering into this agreement, you agree to grant us as your agent to provide you with cryptocurrency services, services that allow for you to withdraw and transfer cryptocurrency, provided that we do not experience any unforeseen circumstances, technical difficulties, regulatory requirements and/or anything which is out of our control to provide you with these services) Accessing of our services is conditioned on your compliance and acceptable to all applicable policies, procedures, available across the Website and, application which is in accordance with all applicable regulations and laws, locally and internationally in which our policies and procedures apply to all users, visitors and/or others which directly or indirectly access or use our services.

It's important that customers understand that our Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time and it's advised that everyone frequently checks and familiarizes themselves around our policies and procedures which can be accessed at anytime through our website, mobile or desktop application. In the cases that changes are being made to this policy, you must always read and agree to any changes of our policies and procedures, existing customers will be notified via e-mail or pushed notifications through the mobile or desktop application. You must visit this page through the website, mobile or desktop application before using our services again as these changes may or will apply to you for any updates or changes around our privacy policy.

We believe that it's extremely important that you understand your right to privacy and protection around your personal information and data which is extremely important to us and one of our highest priorities. By accessing, downloading and any use of our services, you hereby, fully agree and adhere to the accumulation, use and disclosure of your information in accordance with this policy and other applicable policies and procedures in which you demonstrate your compliance with our Privacy Policy, terms of use and any other policies and procedures whilst adhering to all local and international jurisdictional laws and regulations. The Vault Wallet Privacy Policy doesn't just apply to customers/users, it also applies to any and all visitors and others who access our Applications, Websites and services. It's important to understand that we don't share your personal information and data with third parties excluding when we deliver our Products or services to you, or to comply with law and regulatory bodies. If you have any questions in regards to any section outlined within this policy please send us an email at [email protected] Your Personal data may be shared with offices and employees of the Vault Wallet Group across the world as necessary. Vault Wallet uses Google Analytics is used by Vault Wallet to provide us with statistical data of how users access and use our services. Google will collect data to monitor and track the use of services in order to provide us with a detailed report. You can find out more information relating to Google Analytics by visiting the website directly

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How we use your collected Personal data and information

When using our website, application or services, information may be collected about you if you have used any other website in which we provide services or operate. When you use our services some information may be automatically collected from you including but not limited to technical aspects such as browser version, type, browser plugins, operating platform and system, login information, IP address (Internet Protocol) address IPv4/IPv6 used to connect your device to the application or internet including but not limited to IMEI number, MAC address, date, time and time zone. We may automatically collect information about your geographic location from which access to our application, website or services is/has been used and details of any and all transaction you have made which using any of our services including geographic location from which transaction have occurred or when you have logged in. This information and Personal Data/information may automatically be collected through your application or website which could also be used to provide you with additional information, provide you with customer support through responding to your comments, questions, issues, Faults and crashes within Vault Wallet application, detect/prevent and address any technical difficulties, detailed page interaction, app versions, device information, app times and date, downloads. We may provide your personal data and information including but not limited to our affiliates, partners, employees, contractors, suppliers, agents, service providers, which enables them to act and perform services for us, including the fixes and improvements to any website/application related development or changes. Vault Wallet may share your personal data and information outside of Vault Wallet if we have reason to believe that use, access, preservation or disclosure of the information is necessary for us to comply with regulatory bodies, law enforcement or enforceable government request including but not limited to ensuring the enforcement or adherence to our terms of service, privacy policy or to protect the property, IP, rights or safety of Vault Wallet, it's affiliates, partners, suppliers, contractors, agents, service providers, uses and more.

Vault Wallet is a fully Encrypted Digital Cryptocurrency wallet allowing the customer to download our state-of-the-art application and open a cryptocurrency wallet in minutes to hold digital assets whilst being fully and solely in control of your wallet and responsible for evaluating your investments into various Cryptocurrency Tokens and NFTs. It’s important to remember that blockchain assets which you may purchase, or trade could fluctuate with an increase in value, or decrease in value which we are not responsible for.

We remind customers to always verify the wallet address with the customer that you’re intending to send assets to, and you should also ensure that it is sent using the correct network. Any investment into blockchain assets involves a risk of losing part or all of your investment. Guidance and advise can be found throughout but ultimately the decision lie with you as the owner.

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