Revolutionizing the Digital Wallet Gateway

Vault Wallet is constantly looking to push the boundaries on the development and rich features which we are able to offer our customers and white-label entities.

What differentiates Vault Wallet

State-of-the-art Security

Digital assets are securely stored offline, Vault Wallet is dedicated to offering the highest levels of security for our customers across our innovative platform.

Continuous Updates & Development

Vault Wallet is constantly developing our platform by increasing security measures, updating any bugs and fixes whilst increasing the rich features which we are able to offer our customers.

Instant Internal Transfers for Low Gas Fees

Our Customers have the freedom of instant internal transactions, Vault Wallet ensures that no transactions, no matter the size or network our customers never pay more than $8.00 Gas Fees for any transaction. Internal Transactions sent in USDT never require any Ethereum or Tron!

Decentralized Environment

Complete freedom for our customers to transact across a secure decentralized environment, customers can choose to register a local account or simply store your 12/24 Secret Phrase key in minutes.

Vault Wallet Roadmap

Be part of Vault Wallets Journey as we pave the way for the New Generation of Digital Cryptocurrency Wallets

December, 2017

Crafted and Tailored

Crafted and Tailored for Cryptocurrency Users, by Cryptocurrency Users. We’ve had first-hand experience as to what exactly we all need from a digital wallet which is Multi-Assets, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Well Designed and functioning Mobile Application with minimal internal gas fees between our customers!

February, 2019

$8 Maximum Internal Gas Fee

Vault Wallet has always believed in offers our Customers the best cryptocurrency in the world, which is why we believe you should never have to! Our customers have never paid any more than $8 Gas Fees for any Internal Transactions!

September, 2021

Customers over 130+ Different Countries

Vault Wallet has grown its customer base to reach over 130+ Different countries across the world. We’re always looking for ways to further reach more customers across the world, invite your friends and family for instant transactions for extremely low gas fees!

April, 2022

10,000,000+ Wallets Generated

Vault Wallet has now generated over 10,000,000 Multi-Asset Digital Wallets for customers across 130+ different countries. We are currently in the development for further features, so stay tuned for the latest Vault Wallet Updates!

Latest Cryptocurrency News

Get the latest Cryptocurrency news and updates directly from your Vault Wallet Applications

Mastercard introduces a risk evaluation tool for cryptocurrency exchanges

Mastercard Inc., a provider of financial services, has introduced Crypto Secure, a technological tool intended to assist banks in identifying cryptocurrency exchanges that are likely to commit fraud. The service evaluates the criminal risk connected to cryptocurrency exchanges on the Mastercard payment network using blockchain data and artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Crypto Market Set For Another Bottom, Expert Reveals Why

The crypto market showed some strength in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin prices went up by 2.57% in the last 24 hours and are currently trading at $20,161.

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SWIFT sets out blueprint for central bank digital currency network

Financial messaging system SWIFT has laid out its blueprint for a global central bank digital currency (CBDC) network following an 8-month experiment on different technologies and currencies.

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Vault Wallet is a fully Encrypted Digital Cryptocurrency wallet allowing the customer to download our state-of-the-art application and open a cryptocurrency wallet in minutes to hold digital assets whilst being fully and solely in control of your wallet and responsible for evaluating your investments into various Cryptocurrency Tokens and NFTs. It’s important to remember that blockchain assets which you may purchase, or trade could fluctuate with an increase in value, or decrease in value which we are not responsible for.

We remind customers to always verify the wallet address with the customer that you’re intending to send assets to, and you should also ensure that it is sent using the correct network. Any investment into blockchain assets involves a risk of losing part or all of your investment. Guidance and advise can be found throughout but ultimately the decision lie with you as the owner.

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